Ifendu project has been running in Uhunowerre Igboeze-South Local Government Area of Enugu State since August 2015. The results so far include the following: 

Most of the women who never attended school previously can now spell and write their names correctly and that called for a big celebration by dance! More importantly, their fear of going for omugwo to their daughters in Benin or Lagos has vanished; likewise fear of being arrested in Lagos for urinating in the wrong place due to previous inability to read a prohibition notice as happened once to somebody they knew. They now read signboards and know where to get off the bus and wait for the person who has arranged to meet them. For some others, their biggest achievement till date is gaining the self-confidence to stand before men and say their mind. During a general meeting of the Ifendu project participants, one woman proudly reported that she was in the delegation that went to the Igwe and the Elders (Oha) to request and obtain a piece of land for their women empowerment centre. She said with evident satisfaction. “E som na ndi jere na be Igwe;” meaning “I was one of those who went to the Igwe.”